What We Do

Support ongoing cross-border cases and provide real time advise

The project facilitates an integrated approach by supporting real investigations and prosecutions and remaining accessible for timely, individual meetings and case-specific recommendations. We facilitate operational meetings, joint investigation teams and advise on mutual legal assistance. At the moment the project is assisting 54 cases in connection to several EU member states.

Facilitate cooperation in the region and with European institutions

The project supports either the process of concluding cooperation agreements between the beneficiaries and Eurojust (with regard to Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia) or supports their implementation (with regard to the North Macedonia and Montenegro). To support the implementation, the project is co-funding the deployment of Liaisons Prosecutors at Eurojust in The Hague. In Bosnia and Herzegovina several data protection seminars have already taken place to fulfil one of the preconditions for the agreement.

Strengthen operations capacities and close gaps in legislation

The project contributes significantly to the improvement of specific skills and knowledge of beneficiary institutions by organising trainings, study tours and internships. We also support their participation in capacity building events organised by third organisations. Furthermore, legal English courses are being provided for up to 400 prosecutors, police officers, and officials of the Ministries of Justice and Ministries of Interior from the beneficiaries. The project also advises the beneficiary institutions to improve their legislation and regulations for cross-border police and judicial cooperation. We are prepared to support the working groups on the amendment of the Laws on Mutual Legal Assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the North Macedonia as well as facilitate negotiations for conclusion of bilateral agreements with third countries in this sphere in the latter and in Serbia.

Enhance information and data exchange

The projects provides support in improving data exchange within the beneficiaries, at the regional and international levels and with an EU focus. We help relevant law enforcement specialists of police departments conduct strategic and operational criminal analyses. Together with the PCC SEE Secretariat, the project will facilitate the Prüm-like exchange of data between the EU member states and the Western Balkan region.