The Project supported coordination meetings of operational teams from the Police Directorates of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia in Budva, Montenegro from 10 – 12 July. The meetings were about serious crime cases against life and bodies resulting from conflict between organised criminal groups. The aim of the meetings was to exchange current operational knowledge about such crimes in the countries from the last period, and to create the basis for launching operational research.

Officials of the Criminal Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia agreed in their assessment that the countries had cooperated successfully together in the last period and that exchange of information was carried out almost on a daily basis. They also clarified that all available opportunities to improve the communication system should be used to raise the level of regional security.

The participants defined their mutual obligations related to checks of the existing data and the collection of new operational data, which will be the basis for undertaking further preventive, intelligence and operational research activities. The continuation of meetings, which was agreed to be very significant to continued cooperation among the countries, will be implemented in the following period and with the support of the Project.