On 12 November 2018 the Republic Public Prosecutor of Serbia, Zogarka Dolovac, met the Federal Public Prosecutor General of Germany, Dr. Peter Frank, in his office in Karlsruhe. In a pleasant atmosphere of reciprocal respect, they discussed mutual legal and practical challenges in the area of their jurisdiction to further the already established cooperation between the two countries in the fight against serious crime.

The Republic Public Prosecutor of Serbia continued her mission to enhance the international cooperation between Serbia and Germany. In the next three days she met with the three Public Prosecutors General from Bamberg, Nurnberg – where she also visited the court room of the Nurnberg war crime trials – and Munich. In all the meetings the high ranked representatives of the prosecution services openly brought up complex problems in their working sphere and agreed to cooperate closely. This was underlined on the spot by an operational exchange of information in a joint cybercrime case.