Thirteen police officers from the Western Balkans attended a regional workshop on Special Investigative Measures at the premises of the Central Directorate for Criminal Police in Rome from 23 – 27 September 2019. The objective of the course was to explore the newest investigative methodologies and see them in use in the field, applying theory to practice.

The much-needed workshop acknowledged the importance of creating a pool of experts in the specific field of Special Investigation Measures, and therefore involved well-known experts of Italian Law Enforcement Agencies. The course was an opportunity for Western Balkan representatives to discuss with Italian experts the gaps and main challenges related to such investigation measures, and gain an understanding of what elements to consider when identifying solutions. Another aim of the workshop was to increase awareness of available tools, also at the EU level, and to share best practices and lessons learned.

The IPA/2017 Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans Project supported this regional workshop as it continues its efforts to enhance police capabilities within the region. Tailor-made trainings have been offered since the beginning of the project, also in partnership with the International School of Advanced Studies for the prevention and the fight against organised crime in Caserta, Italy.