A handover event for the donation of forensic crime scene investigation kits was held in Skopje in the Ministry of Interior of North Macedonia on 18 November 2019. The donation was provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior within the IPA/2017 Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans Project, to be used by North Macedonian forensic experts during crime scene investigations. The forensic kit aims to strengthen the capacities of the institutions, contributing to timely assistance and successful completion of investigations.

During the handover ceremony, IPA/2017 Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans Project Leader from the Italian Ministry of Interior Mr. Gennaro Capoluongo and the Minister of Interior of North Macedonia Mr. Oliver Spasovski signed a respective Donation Agreement. Minister Spasovski shared his satisfaction and enthusiasm of having the Project as a success story in North Macedonia, as well as in the region, and emphasized above all its operative support as a very important tool in the fight against transnational organised crime. The Minister reiterated his support to the on-going Project, but also for the following Project which will be implemented beyond April 2020.

The Ambassador of Italy in Skopje, H.E. Carlo Romeo, was also in attendance and used the opportunity to provide further confirmation of the excellent level of cooperation between the Project and the North Macedonian law enforcement and judicial authorities. The Director of the Bureau for Public Security (Police) Mr. Sasho Tasevski, the Head of the Forensic Department Ms. Gabriela Koskoska and the Head of the IPA Sector Ms. Maja Cvetkovska were also in attendance.