Key activities

Operational Support


Our EU experts work with their colleagues in the Western Balkans on specific cases, establishing trust and close cooperation between Western Balkans law enforcement institutions, EU agencies and the Member States


Together with Europol, the Drivers and the Action Leaders we improve the ability of the Western Balkans institutions to actively take part in and contribute to the EU Policy Cycle (EMPACT Priorities)


The project offers EU wide expertise to our partner institutions – flexible and on demand: Technical Assistance Facility (TAF)

Strategic Cooperation


The project strengthens the cooperation with relevant EU Justice and Home Affairs agencies (e.g. Europol, Eurojust) & relevant networks (e.g. European Judicial Network)


With the Regional CT/Security advisor we support the functioning of the Regional Network of National Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Coordinators


Together with Europol and other partners, our experts support the partner institutions in developing two regional Threat Assessments on SOC and Terrorism

Interoperability of Information Systems


In synergy with Europol and other partners, the project supports partner institutions’ upgrade and extension of information systems and databases


By supporting and implementing of the EU directives 2004/82/EC and 2016/681 (API/PNR) we work on more robust passenger data protection standards within the Western Balkan systems