Under the umbrella of the “Improving Investigation Capacities of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office” Project, run by Center for Democratic Transition in Montenegro, and in association with the Center for Legal Research (CEPRIS) in Serbia, a study visit aimed to share knowledge about financial investigations to the Montenegrin Special State Prosecutors and the Montenegrin Special Police Unit was held.

The study visit took place from 18 – 21 December 2019 in Rome and was conducted at the Italian Ministry of Justice, Antimafia and Anti-terrorism National Directorate, Prison Service Department and Central Directorate for Criminal Police. The visiting delegation was impressed by the Italian expertise in the different units visited and appreciated the knowledge shared in relation to financial investigation best practises and methodologies.

The “Improving Investigation Capacities of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office” Project targets the Building Criminal Justice System theme, in the area of the fight against organised crime. Their main aim is to improve financial investigations and suppress money laundering in Montenegro by influencing public policies and improving investigative capacities of the Special State Prosecutor's Office. This is achieved by increasing the knowledge of the public and stakeholders about financial crimes investigations and improving skills and capacities of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, to best confront the challenges organised crime and corruption present.