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Regional workshop on FAST Guidelines completed in Skopje

A regional workshop dedicated to the FAST Guidelines, a comprehensive document developed under the umbrella of the CSC WB project, took place in Skopje, North Macedonia on 15 November 2022. The aim of the workshop was to present and promote the FAST Guidelines as a useful tool for improving and enhancing the daily work activities of the practitioners of the Fugitive Active Search Teams in the WB beneficiary countries, thus leading to a better and more coordinated approach when searching fugitives on the run.

In line with the approach and best practices of the European Union, the development of the FAST Guidelines aims to provide clear picture of what FAST really is, but the document also provides expertise on how FAST should develop so they can provide fast, secure and efficient answer to the emerging threats of the growing organized transnational crime phenomena, through enhancing a faster and more effective exchange of information, in order to locate and arrest fugitives. At the same time, such activities will facilitate the gathering of information to begin further investigations.

During the workshop it was highlighted that Fugitive Active Search Teams represent an instrument or tool for executing international cooperation, and are not limited to the national level of the countries. In this context, the expert of the Italian Ministry of Interior and head of FAST Italy, Mr. Daniele Maria Marcoaldi pointed out that Fugitive Active Search Teams should further enhance the communication, cooperation, and coordination between the respective FAST units of all police services in line with the moto “Stronger together, together stronger.” The Italian expert also cited the need for full integration of the FAST units in the police structures, so proper and efficient cooperation, information exchange and on-field intervention can be effectively operationalized.

The workshop also provided relevant information on the knowledge, experience, and modus operandi of FAST Italy, FAST/ENFAST network, the new EU legal package on police cooperation, as well as about the training of the FAST units’ personnel as very important topics elaborated in depth in the FAST Guidelines document. Upon its final completion and on request of the WB beneficiaries, CSC WB project will provide translation of the Guidelines into beneficiaries’ respective language/s, thus becoming every day read for the FAST police officers.