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Workshop on finalization of national SOCTA, held in Kosovo*

In line with the pillar of strategic support, from 23 to 25 May 2022, the project has supported a workshop that gathered the working group appointed from the General Director of Kosovo* Police to draft the national Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment.

During this three-days workshop, the working group, led by the Director of Investigation Department, Mr. Arben Pacarizi and the Director of Directorate for Intelligence and Analysis Mr. Gezim Dibrani has discussed, reviewed, included recommendations and finalized this strategic document using a cutting-edge approach in order to have a final document aligned with the one of Europol.

The working group was composed by police officers from various units of Kosovo* Police as Directorate for Intelligence and Analysis, Unit for Planning and Development, Section for Investigation of Serious Crime, Section for Investigation of Corruption, Sector for Operational Evaluation, Unit for Analysis of Intelligence/ Counter Terrorism Directorate, Directorate for Investigation of Trafficking of Narcotics etc.

This strategic document has been drafted based on questionnaires and the advanced methodologies of data storage and analysis and it is worth to note that the Working Group has received continuous support from the Component Leader of the regional project Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans Ms. Anna Marinelli and the Short-Term Expert Mr. Ivan Jokic as well as the project staff based in Kosovo. The support has consisted in the arrangement of a workshop and a series of meetings to provide professional insights, recommendations and advises.

As Mr. Gezim Dibrani, Director of Intelligence and Analysis of Kosovo* said: “the support from the project that led to the finalization of the strategic document SOCTA  is highly appreciated because this is the most important strategic document in national level”.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UN Security Council resolution 1244 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.