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TE-SAT Workshop held in Sarajevo

Counter-terrorism stakeholders from the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina attended a workshop related to the Terrorism situation and trends report of the EU (TE-SAT), which took place on April 28th 2022 in Sarajevo. To that aim, Jürgen Hauser, the Advisor of the regional project Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans and two Legal advisors of the same project Jasmin Hasić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Driton Vatovci (Kosovo*) sat together with representatives of the relevant state institutions to discuss the national contribution to TE-SAT, pursuant to their roles and responsibilities. The purpose of the workshop was to assess the existing TE-SAT methodology and current reporting mechanisms, with a special emphasis on how to support Bosna and Herzegovina in an improved, adequate assessment in providing contributions to TE-SAT.

TE-SAT is a situation report prepared by Europol on annual basis, which describes and analyses the outward manifestations of terrorism, i.e. terrorist attacks and activities. All 6 Western Balkan beneficiaries, including Serbia provide qualitative and quantitative data for the CT situation in the region which is embodied in a separate section of the TE-SAT report. Consequently, CSC WB intends to foster 6 national workshops on the national contributions of each WB beneficiary to the TE-SAT report.

The regional project CSC WB, co-financed by the EU, the Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation of Germany and the Italian Ministry of Interior, will continue to support the coordination, cooperation, networking and sharing of best practices on a common threat basis within the Western Balkans and with the EU.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UN Security Council resolution 1244 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.