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Meeting of Italian delegation and the Montenegrin Police

The Deputy Director of the Public Security Department and Chief of the Department of Criminal Police of the Republic of Italy Vittorio Rizzi, Italian Ambassador to Montenegro Luca Zelioli and Project Leader of the Project CSC WB IPA 2019 Carlo Verdiglione met the Director of the Montenegrin Police Directorate Zoran Brđanin and his Assistant Deputy Directors. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the successful cooperation between the Montenegrin and Italian police, which is the result of a strong partnership and mutual trust, also serving for the discussion on further modalities of cooperation.

Police Director Brđanin highlighted that the Republic of Italy is one of the most important foreign policy partners of the country and provides strong support to the Montenegrin police both bilaterally and through the project activities, which contribute to strengthening the overall capacity in the fight against all forms of crime. The results of this fruitful cooperation conducted to several important investigations on the most serious forms of organized crime. Some of the goals achieved in the cooperation with the project are the mapping of OCGs, during the Sepca Montenegrin Presidency and the creation of an Operational Task Force, that was included as one of The Operational Action within the new HRCN Plan in EMPACT. Both sides emphasized openness and readiness to further enhance cooperation at all levels and to face all security challenges together.

Mr. Rizzi and the Italian Delegation also met the EU Ambassador Oana Cristina Popa and her team in order to discuss the main results of the on going IPA project.

With regard to the Project CSC WB IPA 2019 it was highlighted that the Cooperation with the Montenegrin Law Enforcement Authorities in the field of countering serious and organized crime has achieved important goals, throughout the specific components of the Project, in particular in the field of investigation, in relation to the proactive participation of beneficiaries in EMPACT and on the interoperability sector.

Photo: CSC WB