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High Profile Macedonian Fugitive Arrested in Belgium

A.A., Macedonian fugitive on the run, searched for with two international arrest warrants totalling 8 years and 6 months for severe thefts, unlawful keeping weapons and explosives and theft of a motor vehicle, was arrested on 21 January 2022 in Brussels. The arrest further highlights the excellent cooperation and the strong partnership established between the Embedded Country Team of our project in Skopje and the local FAST Unit of the Ministry of Interior boosting concrete operative results in several EU countries.

More concretely, Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans – IPA 2019 (CSC WB) project supported FAST North Macedonia for an operative meeting in Luxembourg in November 2021 where exchange of operative information and intelligence with FAST Luxembourg took place. The meeting proved to be essential step towards localization of the whereabouts of the Macedonian fugitive who was suspected to be hiding in the border area of Luxembourg, Belgium and France. On the back of the operative meeting, intensive field searches and surveillance measures followed in Luxemburg, Belgium and Germany, also adequately involving FAST North Macedonia in the executed measures and activities. After a detailed and coordinated investigation between Luxemburg, Germany and Belgium involving various police units the wanted person was arrested in Brussels. The fugitive on the run was using forged ID documents and was not listed in the EU Most Wanted.

The successful completion of this international investigation once again confirmed that coordinated international police cooperation among the police services of all affected countries represents conditio sine qua non for countering all types of cross-border crimes. To this extent, FAST North Macedonia once again presented themselves as reliable partners on the international police scene.

CSC WB stay committed for providing the Western Balkan beneficiaries with various possibilities aimed at further extending their investigative capabilities in concrete cases by supporting effective cooperation at international level. In the process, CSC WB enables building connected and committed networks of police officials.

Photo Source: Shutterstock