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SEPCA 2nd General Assembly- Strenghtening the Cooperation between CSC WB and SEPCA

The Director of the Police Administration Zoran Brdjanin chaired the Second SEPCA General Assembly on 21st December, during which the member countries of the Association considered future activities and priorities and further development and status of SEPCA.

As previously reported a network of analysts was established in 2021 through the CSC WB project, who drafted and finalized the 2nd chapter related to organized criminal groups active in the SEPCA region as part of the general update of the SEPCA Threat Assessment. In addition, an Operational Task Force with a specific focus on organised crime groups (OCGs) and High Value Targets was established. Next year, SEPCA with the support of CSC WB project will be present in EMPACT 2022 plus, in the new priority established for High Risk Criminal Networks.

This event also ends the chairmanship of the Police Administration of Montenegro with the Association of Police Chiefs of Southeast European Countries (SEPCA), which will be taken over by Romania in the coming year. The Police Directors of the SEPCA Member States, as well as other delegations, welcomed the significant efforts made by the Montenegrin Presidency to strengthen not only SEPCA as an extremely important regional platform, but also mutual dialogue and cooperation on issues of common interest among member states and others significant international partners.

The cooperation with Romanian SEPCA Presidency will continue in 2022 in order to finalize further activities agreed.

Photo Source: Police MNE