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SOCTA questionnaires workshop, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A workshop named “The relevance of strategic analysis – SOCTA questionnaires” organized by the project Countering Serious Crimes in the Western Balkans – IPA 2019 (CSC WB) took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on November, 23rd 2021, with the aim to raise the awareness for strategic analysis, SOCTA methodology and process and SOCTA questionnaires.

The workshop involved representatives, mainly analysts, of all national law enforcement agencies that are part of the working group tasked to prepare the national SOCTA 2021-2024, gathering representatives from the Ministry of Security, Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, State Investigation and Protection Agency, Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska, Brčko District Police and the Federal Police Administration with representatives of all 10 Cantonal Polices forces. Bosnia and Herzegovina is working on the development of a national threat assessment document. In this context, the event served as an advanced tool towards further strengthening the capacities of the law enforcement agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina to jointly conduct strategic and operational criminal analysis in an EU-harmonized manner and in line with Europol’s SOCTA methodology.

“A very important aspect of this event was the participation of analysts from the competent law enforcement agencies as key players in the fight against organized crime that undoubted represent an  added value,” as highlighted by Ms. Anna Marinelli, CSC WB Component Leader.

The strategic analysis process, EU SOCTA 2021, Europol’s methodology and related questionnaires were elaborated in full. Also, practical examples were shown on how to fill in Europol’s questionnaires and analyze organized criminal groups, putting the focus on the relevant indicators to be used by the analysts.

Mr. Vito Ingrosso, Major in the Italian Europol Unit, expert on the topic, concluded: “A very interesting meeting where all law enforcement agencies involved not only in the investigative analysis but also in the operational field, of Bosnia Herzegovina were present, which demonstrated how important it is to continue to operate in the fight against organized crime and criminal organizations, from an analytical and strategic point of view, where the operational aspect cannot be separated from a clear, effective, efficient analysis methodology that adheres to the economic, social and cultural reality of a Nation and of Europe as a whole.”

Photo Source: IMoI