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The relevance of strategic analysis in the work of rule of law agencies

On 25th of November,2021, the IPA 2019 project “Countering Serious Crimes in the Western Balkans” in cooperation with the Department of Trainings of Kosovo Police, at the premises of the Central Directorate of Kosovo Police, has organized the workshop “The relevance of strategic analysis”, with special emphasis in enhancing Kosovo police officers’ capabilities in collecting, processing and analyzing relevant data for threat assessment documents for serious and organized crime. This workshop was attended by ten police officers who work in different profiles and units in the Kosovo Police as the Directorate for Intelligence and Analysis, the Directorate for Investigation of Serious Crimes, the Directorate for Counter Terrorism, the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime, Strategic Planning Unit, Specialized Training Unit and representatives of European Delegation.

The senior analyst from Montenegro, engaged as an expert, shared with the participants his professional experiences and those of his country regarding the advantages and gaps encountered during their processes of collecting, elaboration, analyzing and drafting strategic documents.

Gezim Dibrani, Director of the Directorate for Intelligence and Analysis from Kosovo Police, stated that “This document serves to the senior management of the Kosovo Police as a roadmap in leading towards the fulfillment of their tasks and objectives, in achieving the highest and the most effective results towards prevention of serious and organized crime as well as other illegal activities “.

Anna Marinelli, component leader, highlighted how ILP is pivotal to strengthen capacity to collect, harmonize, analyze and use relevant criminal statistics, including throughout interagency cooperation.

Advanced capacities of Kosovo Police in drafting of these assessments are necessary for the Kosovo Police for a more effective leadership and for an intelligence-led policing, but are considered as an advantage for the Kosovo Police future in regional, European and international police cooperation organizations.

The IPA 2019 project “Countering Serious Crimes in the Western Balkans” will continue to support Kosovo Police in this area in the framework of strategic support, part of the mandate of the project.

Photo Source: CSC WB