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Macedonian counter-terrorism institutions deconstruct the EU Terrorism situation and trends report

Macedonian counter-terrorism actors took part in a workshop related to the Terrorism situation and trends report of the EU (TE SAT) which took place on 24.09.2021 in Skopje. To that aim, representatives of the national CT/CVE Coordinator and counter-terrorism units of the police, agency for national security and public prosecutor’s office sat together to discuss the national contribution to TE SAT and how to improve it. They jointly agreed to consider adopting a more multi-disciplinary approach in compiling the national contribution while having the CT/CVE Coordinator at the core of this activity. The National CT/CV Coordinator pledged to elevate this process higher on the agenda for countering terrorism and violent extremism in the country.

TE SAT is a situation report prepared by Europol on annual basis, which describes and analyses the outward manifestations of terrorism, i.e. terrorist attacks and activities. All 6 Western Balkan countries, including North Macedonia provide qualitative and quantitative data for the CT situation in the region which is embodied in a separate section of the TE SAT report. Consequently, CSC WB intends to foster 6 national workshops on the national contributions of each WB country to the TE-SAT report, having organized the first one in Skopje as explained above.

CSC WB will continue to support the coordination, cooperation, networking and sharing of best practices on a common threat basis within the Western Balkans and with the EU.

Photo Source: CSC WB