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Highlight on police interoperability and international networking in Montenegro

Between 28th of September and the 1st of October 2021 in Podgorica, Montenegro, the technical team led by the Italian Police Full Colonel Antonio Montanaro held a visit to the IT Sector of Montenegrin Police Directorate and Montenegrin Ministry of Interior in order to analyse its IT structures with the purpose to support the enhancement of interoperability of the IT systems used by the Police and Ministry and in order to verify the status of integration of the 24/7 international cooperation service. This is the fifth beneficiary country visited since the current pandemic restriction. During the visit the experts met the Head of Department of International Operational Police Cooperation, Mr. Dejan Boljević, representative from the Department of International Operational Police Cooperation, Mr. Valentin Danaj, Head of National Cooperation Center, Mr. Zoran Lasica, Head of IT Technology Sector, Daro Bečanović and other representatives.

“Interoperability has our outmost attention and we expect to succeed in implementation of our structures that already proved being performing,” Mr. Dejan Boljević stressed at the beginning of the visit. Mr. Montanaro highlighted that mutual trust gained through networking and information sharing allowed and improved through technological enhancement is one of the key achievements for the modern – efficient and effective – international police cooperation.

Photo Source: IMoI