Joint Operation Targeting Firearms, Explosives and Drugs

Joint Operation Targeting Firearms, Explosives and Drugs

The Administration for Countering Terrorism and Extremism of the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska, in cooperation with the Police of the Republic of Austria, and under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, conducted an operational operation code-named “Cat” due to suspicion that several persons committed the crime of “Organized Crime” in connection with Criminal Offense “Illicit trafficking in weapons and military equipment and dual-use items” and “Illicit trafficking in narcotics”.

One person was arrested in Austria and two locations in Banja Luka were searched, which were used by the suspect. As part of the “Cat” operation, four (4) kilograms of NITROPENT explosives (PENT), 10 meters of sticks, eight pieces of electric detonators and four electric sabotage detonators, a certain amount of the narcotic drug cocaine, a green herbal substance resembling the narcotic drug “marijuana”, pistol and rifle ammunition of various calibers, and other items that can be used as evidence in further criminal proceedings against the suspects.

A report was submitted against three persons to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH on the above-mentioned criminal offenses.

The Ministry of Interior reported about this action:, stressing also the support of the CSC WB project in its implementation.


Photo source: Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska

Police Cooperation in Fighting Transnational Organized Crime in the SEPCA Region

Police Cooperation in Fighting Transnational Organized Crime in the SEPCA Region

The Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) First Annual General Assembly was held within the Presidency of Montenegro. On behalf of the project CSC WB the representatives of the Italian Ministry of Interior took part, upon invitation of the SEPCA Presidency.

During the two days the following was covered in a fruitful exchange and discussion: strengthening the operational cooperation among SEPCA member states, the cooperation of the Association with Austria, Italy, Europol, Interpol, SELEC, PCC SEE, cooperation with other relevant institutions, partners and stakeholders. Also, in relation to the SEPCA Threat assessment, the possibility to support the update of the assessment for the achievements of the respective results has been anticipated.

Mr. Prefetto Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Chief of Italian Police, underlined that in a moment of a global crisis each important challenge requires a global alliance and the Assembly represents an unique opportunity to foster a fruitful exchange of views in the implementation of future common initiatives.

The project CSC WB stands ready to support the participation of the SEPCA members at operational meetings related to cross-border investigations and for the establishment of a specific Operational Task Forces (OTF) devoted to trigger investigations related to High Value Target – as stressed by Mr. Carlo Verdiglione, project leader on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Interior.


Photo source: IMoI

“Awareness”: The Impact of Interoperability on Police Cooperation and Daily Work – May 12th, 2021

“Awareness”: The Impact of Interoperability on Police Cooperation and Daily Work – May 12th, 2021

On May 12th, 2021 from 9 AM to 5 PM the project CSC WB will organise the first of three online workshops on SPOC – Single Point of Contact(s) – and Interoperability, entitled Awareness: The Impact of Interoperability on Police Cooperation and Daily Work.

This workshop is organised in the framework of the project component 7, dealing with interoperability and information exchange aiming to improve the interoperability of databases and information systems among the Western Balkans beneficiary police services and  their systems with relevant EU and INTERPOL systems and databases. It will contribute to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of information-sharing tools by ensuring the implementation of technical processes, standards and tools that allow EU and non-EU information systems to work better together.

Each Western Balkans beneficiary has been invited to designate a representative and possibly a Head of SPOC, who are the key addressees of this workshop, together with other parties involved. The SPOC is defined as a “one stop shop” for all international law enforcement cooperation requests dealt with at national level.

As stressed by Mr. Antonio Montanaro, deputy Project Leader of the CSC WB on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, this workshop will create an unique opportunity for an in-depth discussion on preventive and enforcement issues of common interest with regard to specific geo-criminal areas. It aims at identifying solutions that can facilitate direct and effective cooperation among the countries. Establishing analysis platforms and targeted task forces, with the support of participating EU agencies and international organisations, is oriented towards tackling current threats from criminal groups exploiting migratory flows of epic proportions, from terrorist groups or profit-driven crime syndicates.

Mr. Carlo Verdiglione, the project leader of CSC WB on behalf ot the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs added that, in the near future, effectiveness of common security strategies will depend on our ability to renew partnerships in the form of a constructive dialogue, which is one of the objectives of the upcoming workshop.

The workshop flyer and the agenda provide further information about the workhop:

CSC WB_Workshop Awareness Flyer

CSC WB_ Workshop Awareness Agenda

Photo Source: IMoI