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North Macedonia adopts new Law on International Legal Cooperation

The North Macedonian Parliament adopted on April 2nd 2021 the new Law on International Legal Cooperation in Criminal Matters prepared by the Ministry of Justice and supported by the project CSC WB.

During the previous phases, the CSC WB project provided support to the Ministry of Justice in preparation of the Law by providing expert and organizational support to the drafting process and fostering an exchange of experience with the EU and relevant Member States.

To that aim, the project facilitated the efforts of an inter-institutional expert group comprised of prominent national prosecutors, judges and law enforcement practitioners coordinated by competent law professors and representatives of the Ministry of Justice.

Furthermore, the experts from the Ministry of Justice visited their peers in Slovenia in order to gain deeper understanding of the standards of international legal cooperation applied in an EU Member State. As a result, the new Law inter alia spells out the cooperation of the country with Eurojust and the European Judicial Network while also defining the establishment and work of the national Asset Recovery Office in line with EU standards.