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Regional Network of National CT/CVE Coordinators of the WB – Trustful and committed cooperation

The Regional Network of National Counter-Terrorism/Countering Violent Extremism Coordinators of the Western Balkan 6 held its regular biannual meeting on Thursday, 11. February 2021. Together with the local authorities – the National Coordinators and their colleagues – all relevant EU services are participating in the network: EEAS, DG HOME, DG NEAR and the EU CT Coordinator’s Office.

The forum discussed the ways forward in 2021, stressing the unambiguous priority of the EU to systematically fight terrorism and all forms of violent extremism in cooperation with the Western Balkan partners. The implementation of the six bilateral CT arrangements and the support to the WB authorities in their activities on resocialisation, rehabilitation and reintegration of FTF’s and families are considered as priorities by both sides.

The representatives of the IISG project and the Countering Radicalisation in Prisons’ project, implemented by the Council of Europe, presented their progress and informed the participants of the future steps.

In addition to regular topics, the forum touched upon the question on improving the reporting system of the WB 6 to the EU Terrorism Situation & Trends Report (TESAT) by cooperating with the project Countering Serious Crimes in the Western Balkans, implemented by GIZ and the Italian Ministry of Interior. 

The Regional Network of National Counter-Terrorism/Countering Violent Extremism Coordinators, chaired by the EU Regional CT/Security Advisor, represents a unique security exchange platform with and within the WB region by creating trustful and committed cooperation within the region and with relevant EU services.